Content Filtering

How Your Business Could Benefit From Content Filtering.

Content filtering isn’t just for keeping your kids away from inappropriate content on the web or television. Have you ever considered content filtering for your office? Content filtering can not only prevent your employee’s from wasting time online (updating their Facebook status or catching up on last night’s reality show), but it can more importantly help protect your network’s security.

Content filtering software can be used to block malware and other content that contains hostile, intrusive or any other threatening information including; computer viruses, worms, adware, trojan horses, spam and spyware.


So what exactly is content filtering? Content filtering, also known as information filtering,  is the use of a program that screens and limits and/or denies access to certain web pages or e-mails that seem questionable to your organization.  Have you ever received an email you were cautious to open because you weren’t sure if it might contain a virus and infect your computer, or even worst your entire network? This is when content filtering comes to the rescue.


Types of filtering can include:


  • Browser Based Filters – this is the most basic content filtering solution and is implemented via a third party browser extension.
  • Email Filters – scan information in the body, header, sender, subject and attachments within an email to determine whether or not it accept or reject the message.
  • Client Side Filters – this type of filter is installed as a software on each computer where filtering is required.
  • Content Limited ISPs – are internet service providers that offer access to only certain approved sites.
  • Network Based Filtering – this type of filtering software may offer a data loss prevention function that filters inbound and outbound information.
  • Search Engine Filtering – many search engines have the option to turn on safety filters. When this feature is turned on, it filters out any inappropriate links from all search results.


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