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Have you outgrown your current IT service provider?


Do you find yourself having to deal with the same recurring computer issues? Does it feel like these issues are just being patched over but never completely resolved?

Do you find yourself waiting for hours or even days for an issue to be resolved? If so, these are clear signs that your business has outgrown its current IT service provider.

As your business continues to grow and expand, technology begins to play an even bigger role in your day-to-day operations. A growing business means- more phone calls, additional computers and workstations for your staff, reliable backups to store your company’s data and the list goes on. It is no longer a luxury for your business, but a necessity to have a proper IT service provider look after your businesses network.

You might be thinking to yourself- “our current IT guy has got it covered, everything’s working fine”. But how can you be so sure he’s really got everything covered? Unless you have an extensive background in information technology for businesses, it’s going to be pretty difficult to make that call on your own. In today’s rapidly evolving technology driven world, it takes an expert to really dig deep into the core of your businesses infrastructure.


Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself if you think you might have outgrown your current IT support:


Is my current IT provider making suggestions on how technology could assist in growing my business?

Your IT provider should not only resolve your IT issues, but they should also have your businesses best interest in mind. You should expect more than just a simple break-fix service from them. The reason you hire an IT service provider in the first place is for their knowledge and expertise in the tech industry.

Not only should they solve your issues, but they become your business partner offering IT consulting aligned with your company goals. Your IT service provider should consistently make suggestions on how technology can better your business to maximize productivity and ultimately your profit.


We already have an independent contractor we rely on when we have issues, isn’t that good enough?

This is the common route most small businesses take when it comes to having someone to rely on when your technology stops working. An independent contractor only looks at your network when you call him for a problem. They work on a break-fix model, something breaks you call them. While this might seem like the cheaper route, there are a few key factors most small business owners don’t take into account.

Sure you might only be paying your contractor sporadically when an issue arises, but how can you possibly have a budget for these expenses? Technology is unpredictable, and unless you have a managed IT service provider, your IT budget will also be unpredictable. Not only is your budget for IT expenses unpredictable, but so is the quality of service you will receive from them.

A managed IT service provider is not only a more reliable solution to your technology problems, but rather than calling them when there is an issue, your service provider will be monitoring your network daily to prevent issues from happening in the first place. Not to mention, having a team of IT professionals working on your network versus one person trying to solve all of your problems is much more efficient.


If you are running a growing small business and see it expanding within the next few years, then you definitely need to consider bringing on a team of IT professionals to monitor, prevent and resolve your technology issues for you so that you can focus on running your business.


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3 Reasons Why You Need A Network Audit.

What is exactly is a Network Audit you might ask?

To put it simply, a Network Audit is a health report of your company’s IT infrastructure. Think of it like visiting your doctors office for your yearly check-up. You go for a check-up to make sure your blood pressure isn’t too high, your cholesterol level is where it needs to be and your blood work comes back normal.

Your businesses IT infrastructure needs to be healthy in order to prevent data loss, reveal any vulnerabilities that could expose your network to hackers, and even to make sure your not overpaying for services you don’t need. A Network Audit looks at your IT setup from the inside out.

3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Network Audit

1.) If you don’t have a plan, plan to fail.

Technology is a large expense in any business. If you don’t know how much your business will be spending on IT for the next six months or even a year from now, you will likely not be prepared to pay for an unexpected technology disaster. Something like this could completely throw your budget off course and likely take a chunk out of your profits. If your business only spends on IT when something breaks, you might have a few unwelcome surprises coming your way within the next year. Technology is unpredictable, your budget shouldn’t be.

2.) Having a decent IT infrastructure isn’t enough.

Imagine trying to build a house from the ground up without an expert, such as a contractor or an architect? Most people wouldn’t dare to start such a costly project without an expert opinion. The same goes for your businesses IT infrastructure. Unless you yourself are in the IT industry, how can you be so sure your up to date on the latest software? You have a proper backup system in place? Or you know how to efficiently set up a network that best suits your businesses needs? If your business relies on data (customer information, medical records, legal files, ect…) don’t leave this vital information to chance- go with an expert.

3.) Your “IT guy” could be failing to provide you with proper advice.

Sure, you might have a “guy” you pay to come and install new software and do backups. But how do you know if they are properly working? If you are only relying on a one man operation, whose to say he’s doing everything he can to keep your network protected? In fact, the #1 issue revealed in hundreds of Network Audit’s has been that backups are not working. Can your business survive if you lost all of your data tomorrow? Did you know that 43% of companies that suffer from data loss never reopen and 51% of those close within two years.
A Network Audit could be that one simple solution to be sure your IT infrastructure is where it needs to be in order to successfully and efficiently run your business.


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