Microsoft Server 2003 support is ending July 14, 2014.

 July 2015 is just around the corner and so is the end of Microsoft Windows Server 2003. So what does the end of support mean for you? On July 14th the Microsoft server will stop extended support for Windows 2003 users. This is something to take seriously because it means no more security updates or patches, putting your business and applications at risk for hackers and breaches.


Here is what to expect with the end of Windows 2003:

  •  Lack of patches/updates/non-security fixes: Bug fixes will no longer be released by Microsoft for 2003 operating system issues, meaning over time this server operating system will potentially become less stable.
  •  Elimination of security fixes: Security Updates will no longer be released by Microsoft to fix newly discovered issues, leaving your data vulnerable to data breaches.
  •  End of technical support: Customer service support will no longer be available to users operating on 2003 servers without a hefty price tag.
  •  Inability to leverage modern cloud options from Microsoft and other vendors: Software developed to run on these older servers are limited to an ever decreasing amount of supported hardware. Additionally, software by third-party vendors will increasingly be unsupported on this platform leading to wider support issues.



Plan to Migrate to Windows 2012

This is a move that should be made sooner than later since it takes on the average 200 days to completely convert. If you do not upgrade your systems you will be vulnerable to data breaches and suffer software compatibility issues on top of the problems we have already listed above.

Monitor and Restrict Access to 2003 Servers

Once your company decides to make the move, take into consideration some security measures.  Be sure that any activity once logged on, is monitored for strange and/or unauthorized activity. Try to limit user access and permissions as much as possible.

Backup Frequently & Thoroughly

Constantly backing up your server to protect against potential compromises is a must. An un-patched bug could lead to the loss of data or corruption.

Cloud Backup

For added security, consider backing up your data on the cloud. Not only are you taking extra security measures in backing up your data, but you are also saving space on additional hardware because everything will be stored on an offsite virtual cloud. Once you sign up with a provider you can begin uploading in minutes. Be sure to ask us about our Cloud Services.


Whether moving to the cloud or modernizing your on-premises data-center, migration can help increase the efficiency, availability, and scale of your infrastructure. If you have any questions about migrating from Microsoft server 2003, please Contact Us. Our knowledgeable staff can help guide your business in the right direction.



Does your current IT provider measure up?

Not sure if your current IT provider has your best interest at heart? Or maybe your shopping around for an IT provider and don’t know where to start? Most business owners, unless you are familiar with IT, don’t really know what to look for in an IT provider.

Here are 10 basic criteria you should have in mind when considering an IT provider for your business.


1 .)Does the provider use a ticketing system to track SLA’s? At Netcom Solutions, all of our clients are under a Service Level Agreement in which we have a contractual obligation to start working on a ticket based on the severity. This ensures that urgent matters will be set as priority #1 and get resolved as quickly as possible, rather than waiting in line for your ticket to be resolved.

2.) Does the provider include surveys for customer satisfaction on every ticket created?Every ticket that is created with Netcom Solutions is followed with a short survey to ensure the clients satisfaction.

3.) Does the provider offer E&O insurance? Netcom Solutions has an Error and Omission insurance policy in place, which indicates how seriously we believe in protecting your data.

4.) Will the provider keep its Help Desk services local and NOT outsource its services overseas? Many companies outsource important services such as help desk to overseas vendors. At Netcom Solutions, all of our help desk services and the staff who provide them are local.

5.) Are the providers technical staff certified? At Netcom Solutions, we pride ourselves in our knowledagle staff and ensure our techs are up to date with the latest certifications.

6.) Will you be able to avoid getting nickel & dimed for every call or onsite visit? Our Netcom Solutions Managed Service plan covers unlimited support and onsite visits. Period.

7.) Will the company provide references?  Want to hear how our clients really feel about us? Netcom Soltuions encourages you to reach out to our existing client base to hear it straight from them. We have references available in a variety of professional fields including; medical, law, manufacturing, and more.

8.) Does the provider offer multiple offerings that are aligned with your business goals? We help you achieve your business goals by providing all-inclusive, strategic business technology solutions so that you can focus on whats most important- running and growing your business.

9.) Are they an established company? We’ve been in business for for 10 years. We’re a proud recipient of the MSPmentor’s Top 100 Managed Services Providers award for 2014!

10.) Does the provider follow up with existing clients to ensure customer satisfaction?Netcom Solutions schedules quarterly meetings with all of their clients to ensure customer satisfaction is met and make sure we have the most proactive solutions in place for the business.


Looking for more information on how to find the right IT provider for your business? Contact us we’ll be happy to help!