Managed Service Provider Award

Top 100 Managed Service Providers Award for 2015

MSP 2015 award

Netcom Solutions is a proud recipient of the Top 100 Small Business Managed Service Providers for 2015!


 The top 100 list is comprised of small business managed service providers across the country. This is the second year in a row that Netcom Solutions is honored to received the award. Netcom Solutions has been a leading Managed Service Provider in South Florida for the past ten years. MSPmentor is the ultimate guide to managed services and the leading global destination for managed service providers.

How your break/fix computer guy might be costing you more than you think…


Is your break/fix computer guy at your office more often than your wallet would like him to be? Have you ever wondered if he is actually resolving your any of your IT issues?  Or is he just putting a temporary band-aid on the problem so that you can call him again in a few days? How motivated do you think he is to do an effective job of fixing your issue? If that problem pops up again later, it equals more reward for him: problem=profit.


If this is the case, it may be time to consider switching to a Managed Service Provider. Managed IT Services could be just the IT solutions your business needs in order to keep unexpected expenses at bay.


Now, you may be thinking; business is great, everything is running smoothly, you haven’t had a single IT expense in months…until it happens. Your server crashes, crucial data is lost, and your business comes to a grinding halt. You call your go-to break/fix guy, and he’s booked until next week. You can’t possibly wait that long to get things back up and running, so you call the first computer guy you find on Google and because you need him right away, he is going to charge you an astronomical fee. Now, while this may be a worst case scenario, situations like this can and will happen.


A Managed Service Provider works differently. An MSP works to prevent problems from happening in the first place. You pay a set fee every month for an unlimited amount of service. Not only do you get unlimited service and on site visits, but you also get the piece of mind as a business owner that your network is being proactively monitored in order to prevent major issues from happening.


With a break/fix, it may be true that you will go weeks, maybe even months will go by without any IT expenses. But other months, when the unexpected happens, you could have IT expenses that are through the roof depending on the issue. This makes it difficult to predict or budget for these types of issues. With an Managed Service Provider you pay a monthly flat-rate fee, so you can plan and predict your budget accordingly.


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